Ascent: Ever Think About Conquering a Mountain?

Ascent: Ever Think About Conquering a Mountain?

We love anything and everything that challenges us physically and mentally and gives us the sweetest rewards in the end. Summiting (and safely descending) a mountain is definitely one of those rigorous challenges that gives you the greatest sense of accomplishment.

Have you ever wanted to climb a mountain to get that “I have conquered the world” feeling? If your answer is “yes” then you’re in the right place, friend (if it’s “no” you’re probably lying, but we forgive you). What we’ve done for you is compiled a list of some of the best tips and climbing 101 advice from climbing enthusiasts and mountain experts to give you an idea of what you’ll need to do before you begin ascending mountains.

Test the water

Author of Mountains for Everybody, Jovo, says that the best way to see if climbing is for you is “just to go there once [the mountains], see the environment, feel the altitude, try some easy walks up, sweat a bit and get tired,” and if you genuinely enjoyed the trip than it looks like climbing will be in your future!

Physical fitness is everything 

First American woman to complete the Adventurer Grand Slam, Suzanne K Nance, tells us that your physical fitness is everything. Depending on how long the trip is that you’re planning on taking for your climb, you will need to carry everything you bring and that weight can add up! Plus factoring in the effect that altitude and the weather can have on your body will make your climb one of the most physically demanding things you will ever do. She says that “being physically at your best is the only factor of the climb within your control.”

Safety First

Climber and outdoor enthusiast, Johnie Gall from Dirtbag Darling, put into perspective the dangers of ascending a mountain. She tells us that injury, and even death, are a reality while climbing and that knowing first aid, carrying first aid supplies, and being mindful of where you tread will lessen the chances of anything bad happening to you.

You are what you eat

Johnie Gall also had the pleasure of interviewing the amazing solo climber, Anh Thai, for Grind TV. Anh discussed the importance of your diet when it comes to climb preparation. She says that eating a healthy amount of foods that are high in carbs and protein two days before your climb can give you a good amount of energy.

Kick the coffee and alcohol

Anh Thai also tells us on her personal blog,The Summit Air, that heavily drinking fluids RIGHT before your climb will spell bad news for you, your bladder, and your hiking pants (which are most likely very nice and very expensive). Caffeine and alcohol are a big no-no before and during your ascent.

What the weather says, goes

 On you can find great and crucial advice from other climbers, one of them being to always watch out for weather. You will benefit greatly the more capable you are in reading the weather and studying weather patterns before and during your trip. The weather can make or break your climb, and you, if you don’t prepare accordingly!

You get what you pay for

Mountaineering couple, Brett and Kate McKay, stresses the importance of having the right gear for your climbing trip. In this case cheap, won’t do. Think of it this way, you’re reaching for that oh-so-sweet feeling of glory that comes with summiting a mountain and like most well-deserved things in life, you can’t get it without putting yourself through the ringer. While mountain climbing you’re going to be tired, uncomfortable, and even put in dangerous situations–would you trust all of that with cheap equipment? Didn’t think so!

So now that you have a good idea of what to expect when it comes to your mountain climbing dreams (which we hope have now turned in to goals), you need to get out there, go train, get prepared, and climb! And don’t forget to bring your Liberty bottle so you can stay hydrated and take lots of pictures with it  because we would love to see all the mountains you conquer!

P.S. We’ve been to Everest thanks to our environmentally conscious artist friend, Anne de Carbuccia! Will you make it to Everest one day?

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