Jason Hummel - Everywhere, WA

"In 2009 I shut the door on my career and left it for good. I realized that being a Financial Advisor wasn't for me. During my 8 years in the field, not only had my creativity suffered, but my career spanned from the end of the tech bubble to the midst of the Great Recession, which as you can imagine, was terrible timing to work in finance.

No longer able to maintain the status quo, I changed my world view. Instead of commuting through traffic to a 9 to 5 job I no longer loved, I communed with nature, took images and explored the world.

None of that would've been possible without my friend, Ben Manfredi. In November 2004, he passed away kayaking on the Grand Canyon of the Elwha, deep in the Olympic National Park. For nearly 10 years, his brother, Troy, and my twin brother, Josh, had made a team. We'd pioneered dozens of steep ski descents and traversed in the most remote corners of the Cascade Mountains. We poured that same passion into whitewater kayaking and in a few years we were exploring the most remote rivers in Washington.

Throughout those years, Ben was our captain, our brother. He was also the photographer. He chronicled our adventures on, www.cascadeclassics.org.  After he passed, I wanted to continue telling stories, so with Ben's prized camera, a Nikon FM3a, that was gifted to me by his family, I not only kept our tradition of exploration and backyard adventures alive, but I made the outdoors my life's work. Recently, I chronicled some of those adventures in a book, the Alpine State of Mind, published in 2015.

Nowadays I can be found in my beloved Sprinter RV, a Winnebago View. If you happen to see it, stop by and say hi."

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