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Keely Fink - Murray, UT

"My name is Keely Fink and I'm 23 years old. Although I was born and raised in upstate New York, I had always dreamt of living on the west coast so as soon as opportunity struck I moved to Utah in February of 2016 and I've never been happier.

My passion is quite frankly just being outside and exploring the world as much as possible. It's pretty safe to say when I'm not at work being a nurse in the OR, I'm in the mountains doing one of my three favorite activities, snowboarding/skiing, mountain biking or hiking with my adventure cat, Fili (yes, I trained my cat to hike with me!).

I believe life is supposed to be spent outside doing what you love and surround yourself with good company. I'll never stop exploring."

Want to see more of Keely's (and Fili's) adventures? Check her out here:

Instagram: @Ima_Keelyou

Twitter: @Ima_Keelyou